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The beauty behind the word ‘Namaste’



I had a discussion with an American woman recently. She asked me if it was ok for Christians to use the word, ‘Namaste‘ , since the word has it’s origin in Hinduism. For starters, i told her that , “have we become so intolerant now that we don’t even have space for a single word from another religion? Whatever happened to Humanity – the greatest religion of all ?”  I started explaining to her the significance of the word and she was mesmerized. Not only she but about 9-10 more people , (all of whom were Christians) said that it was a beautiful concept . In fact many of them use it often. Especially the ones taking Yoga class. It is a norm to use it there. I was happy i could put the message across and i thought of sharing it here too.

On the surface of…

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I Get High on Intelligent Conversations



There is something really inspiring about intellectual conversations. They take you to a different level altogether. You feel liberated and evolved after having them.

To have friends around, whom you can look up to is one of the most amazing things that can happen to a person. Today i had a conversation with a really good friend who described it metaphorically. He termed it as an ‘exothermic reaction’ – A reaction which releases energy . In our case the energy is positivity.

People like me often feel disconnected from others. It’s one of the quirks of being different. Now this doesn’t happen because we look down upon people. It happens because the mental acumen and the attitude towards life that people like me have is a lot more different from others. But when you have people (even if they’re few) in your life who can patiently make you listen to…

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